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Supporting Native Radio

Loren Dixon and Shyanne Beatty on KNBA
Loren Dixon and Shyanne Beatty on KNBA

Today, I will go on KNBA 90.3 FM with Earthsongs Host & Producer and KNBA DJ, Shyanne Beatty.

If you listen to KNBA, you know what a great public radio station it is. I worked at KNBA and have seen it grow over the years, and know how important membership support is to the station. I hope you can join me in supporting the Native radio!

To Make A Pledge
To pledge your support, call (907) 279-5622 or 1-888-278-5622 or go to from 3-4 p.m. when I am on air with Shyanne.

There are a lot of reasons to support KNBA, but here are my top 10 if you need more reasons!

Angela Gonzalez and Antonia Gonzales
Angela Gonzalez and Antonia Gonzales

Top 10 Reasons to give to KNBA:
10.  KNBA is #1 on your radio dial or your computer home page.
9.   You appreciate having local DJs, like Danny, David and Shyanne. (And the volunteer DJs of Island Style, Truck Stop…).
8.   You forgot to make a donation through the Pick. Click. Give. PFD campaign.
7.   You think of Shyanne as your best friend, because she is in your car, living room or computer everyday.
6.   You believe in KNBA’s core purpose of broadcasting Native voices.
5.   Because you think I’m Antonia Gonzales (Host of National Native News)
4.   You want save money when you eat out with the KNBA MemberCard!
3.   You’ve been meaning to renew your membership, but keep forgetting. Here’s your reminder!
2.   You truly appreciate the eclectic music mix and programs you hear on KNBA.
1.  You want to be the “MEMBER” in member-supported public radio!

When you make your pledge, we’ll mention your name on the air! KNBA will celebrate 15 years of being on the air this October. Let’s keep KNBA strong for another 15 years. It is a great public radio station!

Angela Gonzalez, Lisa Nason (KNBA Board Member) and Shyanne Beatty at the KNBA Studio.
Angela Gonzalez, Lisa Nason (KNBA Board Member) and Shyanne Beatty at the KNBA Studio.

Enaa baasee’! (Thank you very much!)

Thank you for tuning in during the hour! It was great to visit with the KNBA family again. KNBA’s membership is going on until April 13, so you still have time to call in and make your pledge of support.