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Holiday Spirit

Wintertime near Huslia. Photo by Nathan Vent
Wintertime near Huslia. Photo by Nathan Vent

Nathan Vent of Huslia shared a positive and encouraging message on Facebook today. He offers some great advice to get you through the holidays. Nathan gave me permission to share it.

What up Facebook family? I’ve been hating, loving and living life in the one place I truly find peace. Sounds confusing but that’s how life goes. I walk by faith not by sight, I know GOD will guide me right. This time of year is hard for all people. No money, feels like no friends or family around when you’re missing that person that passed away. Wondering if I took action, if I noticed the signs they could have been here celebrating this upcoming New Year.

Truth be told, we hear it all the time, we can’t live in the past, we have to move on. To slip into solitude during one of the busiest times of the year is not the thing to do. If solitude is your thing, when you do see people, give them a hug, show them that you really do love them. Handshakes and hugs can save a life. We see people smile, laugh and we think their doing okay. But deep inside their mind and heart there is a scar that’s been ripped opened every year.

I really understand what it like to lose someone you thought would be there for the rest of your life. We Alaskans have to support each other, no matter what background we come from. Spreading love and not living in the past could make us all better people. We just need to open our eyes, hear what people say, not just listen. We all have scars others can’t see.

Have a good and safe holidays. I PRAY EVERYONE well be alright. PEACE AND LOVE TO Y’ALL!

Thank you to Nathan for sharing this great advice. We should remember people who may be having a tough time during the holidays.