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8 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Like to learn more about your culture — am especially interested in the Circle, AK Community on the Yukon River / history etc. Thank so much !

  2. Big picture of Capitalism; it is already destroying the earth. People are greedy. They exploit everything. Do some research and you may awaken to a new thought.

  3. I am interested in becoming a member. Also, I have always wanted to learn how to bead and make a moccasin.

  4. Hello. I came upon your blog and I am really enjoying them. I love the one about “Molly of Denali”. Every new episode makes my heart sing. (Btw: I am not a native.) I took myself, solo, to Alaska for several weeks 4 years ago when I was 62. I was floored as I looked out the widow coming into Fairbanks, so much green! I also had had no idea how huge AK really was, not until I rode on the bus in Denali. I used cars, trains, boats, bush planes and busses to get around from Fairbanks to Ketchikan. I cried when I had to leave.

    I’m now a newly retired Visual Arts teacher here in Connecticut. Maybe someday I’ll make it back to AK. I’d love to keep learning more about the native histories and cultures of AK.

    One day I happened upon “Molly”. Cudos to PBS. It is one of my favorite shows. I learn more about native culture. It’s so well made in such an outstanding, quality way. The details are incredible. The theme song makes me automatically sing along. I hope it never ends as Molly grows up.

    I like how the museum in Anchorage has an exhibit about “Molly”. It’s a really incredible museum. I spent an afternoon there, which was, simply, not enough time at all.
    The museum at the Univesity of Alaska in Fairbanks is another terrific museum, altho smaller.

    I also love watching Ricko DeWilde on “Life Below Zero”, along with several other cast members. Ricko’s ways are wonderful to see. He’s also sharing and preserving a way of life from a people that should be respected and cherished much, much more.

    Thank you for your blog. How I hope I clicked on the right link in order to follow you?
    Lynsey Desmond

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