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The Forest Enchants

Beluga Point 2011
Beluga Point 2011

The forest enchants,
Inviting you to play,
Survival is a dance,
Adventure is a step away.

Enjoying the wilderness,
Brings the soul to soar,
Scenery, smells, animals – yes!
What have I been waiting for?

Nenana River bridge near Denali
Nenana River bridge near Denali. Photo by Angela Gonzalez

Problems pale to wide open spaces,
Clarity and peace rule the day,
You slow down a 1,000 paces,
Happiness can be found in a sun ray.

This is the real world you desire,
Hope fills your heart,
Life doesn’t seem as dire,
You’re ready for a fresh start.

You go back home,
Remembering the sites,
Bottling that feeling with a poem,
Your dreams reach new heights.

Denali. Photo by Angela Gonzalez
Denali. Photo by Angela Gonzalez
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