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Poem by Crystal Dzehgak Frank

Crystal Dzehgak Frank and her late Shitsuu Naomi. Courtesy photo

Crystal Dzehgak Frank’s mom, Caroline Tritt-Frank, was recently featured on the Athabascan Woman Blog. Dzehgak shared her poetry with me and graciously agreed to share one of them. It is a beautiful tribute to her late grandmother or shitsuu, Naomi Tritt (Gwich’in) ~ 1926-2017.

Missing Grandma
By Crystal Dzehgak Frank

Be calm my heart,

It’s okay.

She is in the Heavens.

Her spirit watches over us night and day.

She is in the sun that wraps us with

Her warmth and internal love.

She is in the moon, who lights our way.

She is in the trees, that sway.

She is in the tall grass that dance in the wind.

She is in the Heavens.

She is an ancestor.

Be calm my heart.

It’s okay.

It makes me think about my grandmothers who have passed and how precious they were to me. Mahsi’ choo, Dzehgak, for sharing about your beloved shitsuu, Naomi Tritt!

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3 thoughts on “Poem by Crystal Dzehgak Frank”

  1. Thank you my beautiful, precious girl. Grandma means so much to us. She educated us in our ancestral wisdom in Gwich’in educational way. She made us think and make a right choice in life. You are the example of it. I love you so much.

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