Alaska Native culture

Alaska Native Heritage Center

Thank you for all who have been watching my videos on the Athabascan Woman Blog Facebook Page and the YouTube channel! Here is my latest video with a shout out to the Alaska Native Heritage Center. Check it out!

This month, I’m participating in the SSSVEDA video blog challenge this month, and I make a call for events. #SSSVEDA stands for Savvy Sexy Social Vlog Every Day in August. It is a challenge to make a video every day for a month. It’s been a fun challenge to learn about making videos. So far, I have learned about deadlines, scripting, letting go of being ‘perfect’, being myself, how to promote a video, lighting, sound and talking in front of an audience (my family mostly). I also realized that higher quality and longer videos need extra storage, data and internet speed.

It has also been great to connect with people through the comments and shares! Please let me know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions. Thank you for your feedback!

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3 thoughts on “Alaska Native Heritage Center”

  1. Loved the latest video! I’ve made note of the ‘Alaska Native Heritage Center’ and plan on visiting next time I’m in the Anchorage area. Keep up the good work; it must be a real chore to make an original video every day across August’s 31 days!

    1. Thank you! It’s so easy to forget such a great resource to the community and I’m glad I have meetings to go to every once in a while.

      It’s been fun making the videos. I only have seven more days. I will likely continue making them, but maybe once a week instead. 🙂

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