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Athabascan Values

What are the Athabascan values and what do they mean to people? My friend, Sonta Hamilton Roach, issued a challenge asking friends and family to post in February using the #AthabascanValues hashtag. Sonta is a teacher at Innoko River School in in Shageluk.

Here is Sonta’s challenge:
Anyone interested in participating in an Athabascan Values daily photo challenge? I’ve been inspired by my students this week as we did traditional art activities. This will be fun! Starting tomorrow, post and share a photo about the first value! Self-sufficiency and hard work could be many things! Berry picking, fishing, getting wood, etc.! And maybe what it means to you? I’ll be posting one each day going down the list of Athabascan Values! I’d love to see the interior turn out for this! Spread the fun! #AthabascanValues

Athabascan Values, courtesy of the Alaska Native Knowledge Network
Athabascan Values, courtesy of the Alaska Native Knowledge Network
Getting logs in interior Alaska. Photo by Sonta Hamilton Roach
Getting logs in interior Alaska. Photo by Sonta Hamilton Roach

Here is Sonta’s photo from day 1 of the Athabascan Values photo challenge:  Self-sufficiency and Hard Work. I thought about the value all day, reflecting on my hard working students, the hard work put in by our community members when others are in need, the new water and sewer project and tribal building…hard work is staying the course and persevering through obstacles and challenges. These are our house logs, a photo from almost 4 years ago now. Truly a process of hard work, dedication and hope, and building a solid foundation. ‪#‎AthabascanValues‬ photo challenge!! Join the fun interior!!

Shageluk Kashim. Photo by Sonta Hamilton Roach
Shageluk Kashim. Photo by Sonta Hamilton Roach

Here is Sonta’s photo from day 5 of the Athabascan Values photo challenge:  Village cooperation and the responsibility to village. I was reminded of fish fence times, the mask dance and tea partner processes, times when we’re healing and have to be together… times when work needs to get done… the community always pulls together without a doubt, and this commitment to others starts early — the first moose, passing out the soup, first ducks, taking care of our tea partners. This is the Shageluk Kashim. A place where everyone can come together, kind of a symbol of that. #AthabascanValues rock!!

What do Athabascan Values mean to you? Want to join in this month? You can post using the #AthabascanValues hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media platforms. If you want other people outside of your friend’s list to see your shares on Facebook, be sure to set your privacy to public on the post.

Athabascan values also match other Alaska Native and other values, so please feel free to contribute no matter who you are. Thank you Sonta for sharing some Athabascan values! I know I will learn a lot from others and it will be fun.

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  1. I think, my favorite, is……”Respect for Wisdom & knowledge from life Experiences”!!…… me, it means, that in life we all make mistakes, this is a given. But to take that knowledge and wisdom we have learned by it and move on make sure we don’t do it again or if we are able to figure something out by our experiences, learn from them!…..I love all of our Athabascan Values, I wish the rest of the world would follow them too!……if they all did, it would be a much better world for everyone! 🙂

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