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Sailor Boy Pilot Bread as Pop Art?

There is a Sailor Boy Pilot Bread Cracker box being displayed at the Nat’uh Non-Profit Service Center in Anchorage, Alaska. You might be wondering what it is and what the significance of it for Alaska Natives. It is a large cracker that can be eaten with just about anything and is a staple food in Alaska. I heard that Alaska is the largest consumer of the Pilot Bread crackers. I love eating Pilot Bread crackers topped with butter, cheese or peanut butter and with a cup of tea.

Sailor Boy Cracker Box
Pilot Bread Cracker Box in Anchorage

Karen Larson created the Sailor Boy Pilot Bread project in conjunction with the Warhol Exhibit by the Anchorage Museum and a subsidiary local art project called Pop 11. The box was originally displayed at Westchester Lagoon, and is currently on loan to the Nat’uh Non-Profit Service Center for a couple more weeks.

Pilot Bread Grown
Roxanne Peter displays a ‘Pilot Bread Grown’ t-shirt during AFN

That was in the early 1900’s. Here we are in the 2000’s and still enjoying Pilot Bread crackers! There is an Alaska Native band called, Pilot Bread Band. There is a Facebook group page called, Pilot Bread: Sailor Boy Fans Unite! Nomadic Stars sells “Pilot Bread Grown” t-shirts and hoodies. In 2010, Cathy Jones wrote about 13 Ways to Eat Sailor Boy Pilot Bread. It truly is pop art in Alaska!

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  1. angela,
    great perception, well thought out. good blog. thanks for sharing a little of yourself.
    pilot bread is here to stay and you just might have put the focus on alaska, world pilot bread capital. wonder if they would loan out their art for summer festivals? could make much happen given the right circumstance.

    now ive got to check it out, a time in anchorage with a camera.
    thanks angela,
    best wishes,

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