Wild Salmon Caviar — a family recipe

The salmon are in! Alaskans are going fishing for salmon and putting it away for the winter. Many of my friends and relatives are smoking and canning their salmon. I will be putting mine away in the freezer. We rely and enjoy the salmon over the winter.

Here is a recipe on making wild salmon caviar from Alaska Knit Nat. Thank you to Natasha for allowing me to share her recipe with Athabascan Woman Blog readers!

Wild Salmon Caviar — a family recipe on Alaska Knit Nat:  http://alaskaknitnat.com/2014/06/17/wild-salmon-caviar-a-family-recipe/

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2 thoughts on “Wild Salmon Caviar — a family recipe”

  1. Where the recipe? I want to buy http://red-caviar caviar .com/products/rc180grj/captains-salmon-red-caviar-180g-6-3oz-jar and the price arranges. What recipes in general can be used with this caviar?

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