Alaska Native culture

Beading and Sewing Stations

It’s no secret I love beading. I love beading slippers/moccasins the most. Since last November, I beaded over 52 pairs on my free time on the evenings and weekends. It’s fun, therapeutic, healing, challenging and relaxing. I asked friends on Facebook recently to share photos in a “photo comment hello”, and some shared their beading and sewing projects and work stations. I love seeing people’s projects and how they set up their work area! I’ll share a few. Enaa baasee’ for friends and relatives for sharing!

Here’s what I’m working on today. I’m beading a pair of slippers for a friend’s daughter who is celebrating her 8th birthday.

This is my cousin, Wanda Moses of Fairbanks & Galena, and she makes summer parkas, aka bets’eh hoolaanee or kuspuks. I love seeing her latest designs. Photo courtesy of Wanda Moses.

My aunt, Gladys Derendoff of Huslia, enjoys beading. I love her creativity and her beadwork reminds me of my late Grandma Lydia Simon’s work. Photo by Gladys Derendoff.

My mother, Eleanor Yatlin of Huslia, is finishing up this beautiful quilt for my daughter. I love seeing her latest blankets. She has an eye for colors and matching fabric. Photo by Eleanor Yatlin.

My aunt, Dorothy Yatlin of Huslia, shared her workspace and her latest beading projects. I love seeing other people’s color choices! Photo by Dorothy Yatlin.

My aunt Dorothy Yatlin also makes fur hats. I love this purple color. They are the perfect hat for cold winters in interior Alaska. Photo by Dorothy Yatlin.

My cousin, Thelma Nicholai of Hughes, shared her beadwork. I love how she’s using white to outline her work. I will have to try white some time. Photo by Thelma Nicholai.

Janet Antone is hosting the @indigenousbeads Twitter account this week. She is Iroquois from Oneida Nation in Canada. She was catching up on American Horror Story and beading. Photo courtesy of Ms. Antone’s Beadwork.

Thank you everyone for sharing!

Alaska Native culture

Making Beaded Slippers

Beaded slippers by Angela Gonzalez

I’ve been at it again. I have been beading and sewing like a madwoman for the past month! I don’t sell my slippers, but do make them as gifts for family and friends. I have enjoyed designing them, picking out colors.

I buy the slippers and sew the beadwork and fur trim. I went shopping on Black Friday specifically for slippers. It takes me approximately 2-7 days to finish a pair. I work full-time, so I  bead and sew in the evenings and weekends.

Beaded slippers by Angela Gonzalez

I donated a pair for an Alaska Native art auction, but have mostly been sewing for my nieces and friends. It is my new hobby and maybe an obsession. 🙂 I will likely slow down and after the holidays. It feels great to be making handmade gifts.

Beaded slippers by Angela Gonzalez

I usually ask what are people’s favorite colors to make it specifically for that person. My niece is a basketball player, so I made a basketball themed pair of slippers. Another person loves picking blueberries, so I made him a pair with that theme. Check out the latest slippers I have been beading in this Facebook album:  beaded slippers.

Over the years, my family has gifted me with moose skin hide, beaver fur, beads, thread and wax. I shop at local craft stores in Anchorage to get the supplies I need.

I have learned a lot about beading, sewing and working with hides and furs. I have made mistakes along the way, but learned how to fix them. I have learned fixing your mistakes and problem solving is a part of the process.

I shared some instructions and a video a couple years ago. How to Bead Moose Skin Slipper Tops:

Overall, I’ve learned a lot and it has been fun! I may make glove tops to sew onto gloves for my nephews. That will be my next project. Happy Holidays!